A Spring Hare Necklace

Back by popular demand, say ‘hello again’ to my Small Hare Necklace re-released into the wild of my Trinkets range, inspired by the Kit Williams children’s book Masquerade.  


Masquerade follows the journey of Jack Hare, who loses a jewel he has been entrusted to deliver from the moon to the sun.  Back in August of 1979 (the year of my birth), this whimsical character was handmade in 18ct yellow gold by Kit Williams himself, who then buried it in the ground, setting treasure-hunters the world over looking for his golden hare by concealing the clues to it’s whereabouts in his book.

Not just in Britain, but from New York to Tokyo, close on two million readers joined in the search for the answer to the Masquerade’s master riddle. It was coined ‘the treasure hunt of the century’!


Kit Williams with his hand pierced 18ct golden hare, inset with ruby, mother of pearl and moonstones.

– Image courtesy of The Daily Telegraph



To this day Kit Williams continues to enthrall readers all over the world with his enchanting illustrative art work and skilled craftsmanship.  His puzzle style paintings which held clues to the treasure’s whereabouts indeed boggled minds. And although the treasure was eventually found, his wonderful art works can still be very much admired for their quirky extraordinary qualities that contain such visual narrative.

He certainly has inspired me as an artist and jewellery designer to produce work with narrative themes. What truly warms my heart is that although Masquerade’s pages contained a complex treasure hunt riddle, it is also a child’s fable about the moon falling in love with the sun…  How delightful!




Let me introduce you to my playful folkloric art necklace that depicts a beautiful gracefully leaping hare based on Jack from Masquerade.

Available in 9ct rose and 9ct yellow Fairtrade Gold  alongside the original 925 sterling silver option. With hand pierced detail, the piece exhibits subtle contrasting areas of satin relief and high polish, and is suspended from a fine silver chain complete with a secure bolt ring clasp.


It is a necklace that not only illustrates a story from many a childhood, but it is also a symbol of fertility, sensuality and strength. The hare signifies the goddess within, making the wearer feel amazingly cherished, seductive, wild and free. It contains a certified hallmark from the Birmingham Assay Office England and is ethical in its materials and production, including the branded eco packaging.

“I love your work Julia. All looks so beautiful and filled with your gorgeous spirit!”


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