Aquamarine for March & Mother’s Day

This March is all about Aquamarine & Mother’s Day!


Aquamarine remains one of the most popular gemstones in anyone’s jewellery collection and it is easy to see why with its fresh, calming, watery green blue hue.

This subtle semiprecious gem is part of the beryl family and offers a lighter option in comparison to its closely related gemstone, the Sapphire. While Sapphires dazzle with an intense, deep blue, the Aquamarine is a subtle yet, energetic, sumptuous alternative.

The gentleness of this stone means it is easy to wear with any outfit, it compliments any skin tone or hair colour and will remain an ageless classic, always.


Faceted & Rose Cut Aquamarines

Aquamarine Through Time…


Aquamarine has truly stood the test of time, having been revered by both the Greeks and Romans as an incredibly powerful stone with the ability to heal ailments of the throat and stomach. Jewellery featuring this beautiful gem has been discovered as far back as 500BC.

With its name quite literally translating from Latin as Aqua (water) Marina (sea), it was a gemstone with great importance to sailors who would carry it with them when at sea, with the belief it had the ability to calm the waves for safe passage. On troubled waters, the stone would be thrown into the oceans depths in the hope to calm the sea gods.


Pliny the Elder (23 AD – 79 AD) said of the gem:

“The lovely Aquamarine, which seems to have come from some mermaid’s treasure house, in the depths of the summer sea, has charms not to be denied”.

Aquamarine Today…


Aquamarine still captures our hearts and imagination today. The association with water remains, with many believing its cooling, deep-pool, liquid like quality offers a relaxing, soothing and calming influence to the owner while rooting us back to reality and the planet itself. The stone is thought to gift courage, friendship, wisdom and happiness when worn regularly.

Special Dates…


Another quality of this glittering gemstone is that it is said to prolong relationships, one of the reasons it is gifted for a 19th wedding anniversary.

Aquamarine is also the birthstone of March! I myself have a birthday in March, so have a special relationship with this wonderful gemstone. Its crystal clarity, energetic sparkle and inner glow is one of the reasons I felt it resonated with my Magpie inspired collections – Elegance, IMPACT, Trinkets and Wild.  The flash of blue brilliance is reflective of the plumage on the magpie, as well connecting back to the beautiful landscape which influences my work so much.

& New Designs…


Much like the magpie, I have been collecting and hoarding a treasure trove of different Aquamarines, with intricate facets, some milky blue, others with ice-like clarity, all as captivating as each other.

The collections will certainly grow to include more Aquamarine designs, for now though I would like to exclusively introduce you to the newest selection of handmade pieces, created using my Aquamarine hoard that has just drifted into my Trinkets Collection in time for Mother’s Day!



Eye catching facets reflect watery blue light through these organic shaped luminous aquamarine gemstones, set within four strong silver claws and suspended from static ear wires.



For the conscientious female who appreciates the finer details in life. These Rose Cut Aquamarine Studs elegantly decorate the ear lobe in an understated fashion.



The birthstone for those born in march, couple this stylish piece of Mermaid treasure with the Rose Cut Aquamarine Studs for a day to day effortless look celebrating the beauty of nature and the oceans.

If like me you are celebrating a birthday this March, looking for a gift to say Happy Birthday with, or would like to honour the incredible female force that is your mother then what better way to show the depth of your love and appreciation than with this delicately toned gemstone that radiates with life, vibrancy and brilliance, Mermaid treasure at it’s finest!

John William Waterhouse 1849-1917; A Mermaid

John William Waterhouse 1849-1917; A Mermaid

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