A Valentine Design

The 14th of February isn’t the only date we can show appreciation for each other, but it’s a good place start.

My key word for 2020 is ‘Nurture’…

Thinking about Valentines Day from the perspective of nurture, this date isn’t just about gifting to your partner.  It’s about a deeper connection, nurturing relationships whether it’s your soul mate, your family, your friendships, your working relationships and above all yourself.



My intent for 2020 is to nurture the relationships I have with my suppliers and further support the use of fairly sourced gemstones and materials, with a goal to becoming a Fairtrade Gold Licensee.  It’s important for me that part of my business gives back, and my relationship with you my customer allows me to do just that.

Thanks to one of my wonderful suppliers, I discovered Red Rutile, which is a striking quartz gemstone that has become a firm favourite within my designs. It is a stunning gem with Valentines Day in mind due to it’s rich, organic, scarlet striations and makes the perfect gift for someone special and those who we love.

I love working with this new found gemstone in all its shapes and cuts especially when incorporated with rose gold as illustrated with my silver & 9ct rose Fairtrade Gold Red Rutile Magpie Necklace. This colour combination of red rutile and rose gold has expanded my collection, and in turn nurtured my creative spirit.

Wild Quartzes



Why not nurture your own creativity and gift a design to a loved one or even yourself?

A valentine gift doesn’t need to be something hurriedly grabbed off the shelf, it can be something full of thought, meaning, sentiment and forever treasured.

Maybe you have a stone or an old piece of jewellery you’d like re-designed?  … Or maybe you’d like to take a look and hand pick one of my ethical gemstones which include unusual quartzes from Brazil and sapphires from Sri Lanka.

By commissioning a Bespoke Design, you are creating something truly unique. With my guidance and experience, your ideas and designs can be translated into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewellery to last a lifetime.

“Thank you for the necklace, it is a beautiful piece of art as much as it is an exquisite piece of jewellery. Seeing it and holding it exceeded my expectations. The lady who will wear it, received it today and was amazed by its beauty.”

Jamie Denny Photography

Ready to start designing a special piece for the one you truly love?

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