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A wedding band is a symbol of a lifelong commitment to one another, but a wedding ring made from Fairtrade gold offers you and your partner the opportunity to wear something that truly symbolises love and has a genuine heart at its core.

At Julia Thompson Jewellery we are all for that and are currently celebrating Fairtrade Fortnight which now runs every year from 25th February to 10th March.




When buying jewellery made with Fairtrade Gold you genuinely make a difference to the small scale artisanal miners, their families and communities.

Your support means they will be paid a fair price for their gold and with better working conditions that help protect the natural environment. The miners also receive a premium so they can build their futures by investing in social projects such as new schools and healthcare, making their own way to prosperity.




Wedding Bands:


I am excited to announce that a new Wedding Ring range inspired by the Elegance Collection is currently being designed.

You can expect delicate lines, with twig-like designs in a mixture of golds and silvers, and heavier embossed organic rough luxe forms, all Fairtrade of course.

This up coming range of conscious designer rings will offer something more alternative to the standard plain gold band. Unique, just like you.


Engagement Rings:


Having made the decision to work as ethically as possible, I choose not to purchase diamonds but instead offer a stunning alternative of fairly sourced, fully traceable Sri Lankan sapphires with beautiful natural inclusions.

Available in an assortment of colours and impeccable cuts, sapphires are incredible hard-wearing. They sparkle just like a diamond and come in all shapes and sizes. With colours ranging from crisp, clear whites to yellow, pink, green and deep dreamy ocean blues, you will be able to pick a stone that really defines you or your partner.


Bespoke Service:


This is where my bespoke service may be what you are looking for? Please visit my Bespoke Commissions page to find out more about how you can help create something truly unique.

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And Wedding Ring Courses:


What better way to start life’s journey together than to design and make your own wedding or civil partnership rings from recycled silver, Fairtrade gold or a combination of both including reworking your family heirloom pieces!

No experience needed, you will both be guided every step of the way on this unique and creative one-day course.

The outcome will be two beautiful rings, full of love and meaning that you’ll both be proud to wear forever.


‘You are more precious to me today than yesterday, and you will be more cherished tomorrow than you are today.  Please wear this ring as a symbol of my eternal love for you, a love that transcends all our yesterdays, all our todays, and all our tomorrows.’

In celebration of Fairtrade Fortnight, Subscribe and receive 10% off your Wedding Ring Course if booked by Sunday 31st March 2019.
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