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With Festivals now a big part of summer plans for many, it is no wonder that The Festival Wedding is now becoming a hugely popular choice.

This theme gives you complete free range fun with all the aspects of the day, from the cool camper van you turn up in, the awesome Boho style wedding dress, tipi-tents, outdoor camp fires to cook marshmallows over in the evening and of course…. The jewellery.

Kerry Palmer Photography
Kerry Palmer Photography

Every year I run a stand at Glastonbury Festival of Contemporary Performing Arts in the Green Crafts Village, and one thing I’m never short of on my courses are couples making their wedding bands. Some of these couples are even getting married at Glastonbury!

I love this free-style thinking, the off-the-cuff approach of ‘yeah, I’d love to make my wedding ring, sip on a cider and watch the festival go by.’

At Glastonbury Festival I offer the opportunity to make rings in recycled silver, but back in my professional jewellery studio I run a day course for couples to come and make their wedding rings together using heirloom or Fairtrade Gold.

Ok, so its not set in the middle of a festie-field, but it is in the midst of South Somerset, and in a beautiful courtyard!

The Lost-Treasure-Silver-Workshop
Polly Garnet Photography



I was recently approached by a couple who were planning their very own Festival Style Wedding. They came to me to make their wedding rings in 18ct Fairtrade yellow gold, and I instantly fell in love with their ‘Rock n Roll’ vibe.  From quirky matching ‘his and hers’ vegan leather jackets which they’d had made for the day, the ice buckets with help yourself beers and ciders, to the outdoor BBQ for the main meal. Everything was a reflection of those easy going good-vibes we get on those hot sunny afternoons at a Festival.

Oxana Mazur Photography
Oxana Mazur Photography

Most importantly was Anna’s vibe, she had tattoos, piercings, amazing pink hair and while her partner stepped out briefly to grab them some lunch, she described to me what she was wearing for the big day… lets just say it was silver-sequin heaven.

My jewellery was the perfect fit for her and her style. The rings they made were incredibly rustic like they had just been dug out of the ground. The beaten textured surfaces were then embossed with an organic leaf design along with a personalised message of love to one another inside each band.

Silver Magpie Quartz Drop Necklace - model 2 - rec with clasp detail

The necklace she bought for the big day was my Silver Magpie Quartz Drop Necklace. We knew this piece would look awesome worn long over her jacket or tight as a choker with her wedding and evening dress, bringing a touch of class and intrigue to her already fabulous style.



Looking for some wedding jewellery for the big day itself? Here are my three faves for your Festival themed wedding day extravaganza!

For the purpose driven femme fatale who loves to break the mold,

this pair of Silver Magpie Quartz Drop Earrings will undoubtedly

make you stand out from the crowd.

Silver Magpie Quartz Drop Earrings 1

For the passionate conscientious female who loves positive luxury.

This Silver & Fairtrade Gold Magpie Dentric Quartz Necklace exudes an emotive edge of sophistication.

Silver & Fairtrade Gold Magpie Dentric Quartz Necklace 2
Silver Magpie Oval Golden Rutile Quartz Cufflinks

And for the conscientious discerning gent who also loves positive luxury,

these Silver Magpie Oval Golden Rutile Quartz Cufflinks complete the alternative suited and booted look.



For more alternative wedding inspiration grab yourself a copy of the latest Rock n Roll Bride Magazine.

It’s a real feast for the eyes and imagination, you’ll also find yours truly inside!


So why not come and find me this year at Glastonbury Festival to make your wedding bands?

In 3 hours you’ll hand produce two fantastic personalised pieces in recycled silver while learning a variety of jewellery making techniques under my glorious twin pole bespoke canvas tent.

I’m currently taking bookings for Wednesday of the event now so Get in Touch!


Not attending a festival but would still like to make your own wedding rings?

Arrange an appointment to come and make them with me at my professional studio in the heart of South Somerset. The outcome will be two beautiful rings, full of love and meaning that you’ll both be proud to wear forever, plus great memories of a fantastic day.

Image courtesy of the Wilderness Festival Website
Image courtesy of the Wilderness Festival Website

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace.”

– Jimi Hendrix

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