Introducing ‘Opal Opulence’…

‘Opal Opulence’ is a collection that has been born from a creative vision and tentatively brought to life through the passage of time. Hand selected rare white crystal and boulder opals purchased directly from a fully traceable source and family run business based in Yowah, Queensland Australia form the basis of this new exuberant range.

You will also discover beautiful faceted fairly sourced sapphires in a multitude of colours in this collection, and gorgeous ametrines, a unique naturally occurring variety of quartz that is a mixture of amethyst and citrine with zones of purple and yellow or orange. Almost all these stunning colourful gemstones are entirely encased in the warm and rich complimentary tones of Fairtrade Gold, your ultimate playful positive luxury.


An adorning eclectic mix of ethical jewels and playful colour oozing with surprise!

The Opal Opulence Collection draws on inspiration from its sister collections, Elegance and WILD, with the iconic magpies having now extended their treasure trove to include this myriad of iridescent, transcendent gems. It is also a celebration of continual movement towards jewellery pieces that are fully traceable with some pieces in the collection exhibiting the Fairtrade Stamp since Julia Thompson Jewellery became a Fairtrade Gold Licensee earlier this year in April 2022.


Much like the magpie, Julia has spent years hoarding these twinkling, inspiring precious stones. Each opal is so individual, vibrant and colourful with it’s own unique light diffracting rainbow particles. While the assortment of gemstones continues to grow, at Julia Thompson Jewellery, we will always make it our goal to ensure they are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.



O P A L   O P U L E N C E …


Iridescent flashes of light diffracting rainbow particles catch the eye in these intriguing fairly sourced Australian boulder opals encased in embossed edge settings. Suspended from colourful twinkling claw set faceted sapphire centres, these one-of-a-kind drops made from 18ct yellow Fairtrade Gold delicately sway from an ear post and stud flush set with a complimentary tonal sapphire.


A horizontal iridescent flash of light diffracting blue, purple and green particles catch the eye in this intriguing fairly sourced Australian boulder opal held in 18ct yellow Fairtrade Gold claws… And a lotus like bud, hand embossed and cut from Fairtrade Gold, blooms from the opal waters with its sweet accompanying accent gem of a fairly sourced flush set pink sapphire, adding an extra pop of complimentary colour.


Like a dusting of powered pink icing sugar, the triangle one-of-a-kind Australian boulder opal, claw set in polished Fairtrade Gold claws is accentuated by a scatter of beautiful fairly sourced faceted pink, green and white sapphires. With its branch like stems warm and rich in 18ct yellow Fairtrade Gold, a single high lustre band of silver weaves its way round the middle of the triple nest ring shank, lifting the lighter tones and white sparkles in all of the clustered together gems.


Opal is eternal and will always be glamorous yet deeply spiritual.

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