Sotrami Fairtrade Gold Miner in Peru - Nigel Wright Photography
Sotrami Fairtrade Gold Miner in Peru - Nigel Wright Photography

“Transparency and sustainability are as important to me as craftsmanship and design. Jewellery should not come from a place of exploitation or adverse environmental impact”

Sustainability and working towards a transparent supply chain are core values within my business, and this is what truly motivates me.

Wherever possible I endeavour to work with ethically sourced materials that truly give back to humanity with minimized risk to the planet. You can be reassured that the origin of my precious materials can often be traced back to the actual people who mine them.

A connection is created between you and the miner.

Being able to offer you peace of mind and a complete story of where your piece of jewellery has originated from is of utmost importance. You can enjoy wearing my designs knowing that you are helping others and the natural environment.


fairtrade gold

Fairtrade Gold

As a Fairtrade Registered Jeweller I primarily work with Sotrami mined gold from Peru that is Fairtrade certified.

  • Fairtrade Gold offers a lifeline to small scale artisanal gold miners, their families and communities.
  • Fairtrade closes the door on exploitation by providing strict standards on working conditions, women’s rights, child labour and environment management.
  • Fairtrade cuts out the middleman so that the miners can afford to develop their businesses and invest into their communities.

“Workers in Fairtrade certified gold mines receive a guaranteed Fairtrade Minimum Price for their gold, alongside an additional premium to spend on improving their businesses or on community projects, such as education, clean water and healthcare”

– Fairtrade Foundation

Recycled Silver

Currently the majority of my designs are made from 925 assay quality recycled sterling silver supplied by British bullion and casting companies. Both these companies can guarantee the provenance of their sterling silver and that it is indeed recycled.

I also take pride in recycling all my precious metal scrap in house to help minimize waste and the need for more direct mining, but endeavour to use fairly mined silver wherever possible as this option is fully traceable back to the miner.

recycled silver


Over many years I have made it my mission to procure natural gemstones of the highest quality and ethical source. I carefully hand select unusual pieces focusing on their individuality whether it be colour, shape or their natural inclusions which make them completely unique. They are one-of-a-kind, like all of us.

Wild Quartzes

Currently I work with the following fully traceable gemstones:


• Quartz – Smokey, rutilted, clear, tourmalated and amethyst to name but a few. These fabulous stones offer a wide variety of striking colour, inclusions, cut and organic pictorial intrigue. Sourced ethically wherever possible from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Africa and the USA.

• Beryl – A pale blue, green or yellow mineral harder than quartz, such as Aquamarine & Topaz. These incredible gems form many focal points within my designs, all fairly sourced from Sri Lanka.

• Sapphires – Yellow, pink, blue, green and white. As an alternative to diamonds, I use fully traceable rare Sri Lankan sapphires with beautiful natural inclusions in an assortment of colours and impeccable cuts within my bespoke and bridal ranges.

• Opal – A longstanding relationship with an Australian family run opal mining business has provided me with the opportunity to offer you outstanding examples of Australian boulder opals from Queensland, including the rarer white crystal formation.


& my commitment to you


Your item of jewellery will be beautifully presented in attractive sustainable luxury packaging.

The majority of my luxury packaging is made from sustainable recycled material. The acetate ribbon is made from cellulose, which is extracted from wood pulp, and the gold tissue paper is printed with soy based inks. I avoid plastics wherever possible.

I believe in quality craftsmanship over quantity, always striving for excellence in the most ethical way possible, and always at the ready to forge new relationships with fairly sourced suppliers and services.

Ethics are at the core of my business, but not just in the materials I source and the sustainable packaging I use. My ethics extend to you, my customer in the form of my tailor-made bespoke design service and purchasing experience, to attentive aftercare for both you and your jewellery.

finishing touches
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