Introducing WILD…

WILD is a collection that has been a while in the making, in fact it goes all the way back to the beginning when Two for Joy was first brought into creation and it is the root of all my current collections.

Living in the heart of Somerset, you can’t help but fall into a natural rhythm of saluting the Magpie when ever they cross your path, keeping in mind the folkloric rhyme, ‘One for sorrow, Two for joy, Three for a girl, Four for a boy,  Five for silver, Six for gold, Seven for a secret, never be told…’

I explain more about my affiliation with Magpies and how they have influenced my work on my About page, but in summary… Magpie’s love collecting and hoarding objects of desire and as a jeweller, this is something I can truly relate too.

With the hoarding magpie as an initial theme, I began to explore and bring together the ideas of gemstones, branches of a nest, a key symbolising that untold secret and then the magpies swooping in to gather up these desirable objects.

Of course, the ‘Five for silver, Six for gold and Seven for a secret…’ section of the rhyme plays a huge part in the design as well as the pieces explore combining recycled silver and sustainable gold.

Magpie with silver key

The Gems…


Gemstones are also a huge part of the evolving collection. I have explored quartzes, that include black onyx drusy and Herkimer diamonds, labradorite and now as the styles expand, precious gemstones like ethically sourced Sapphires have begun to make an appearance.

Those that know the collection in its humble beginnings will remember the labradorite gemstones, reminiscent of the blue flash of colour on the magpies plumage. Now the stones explore more earthy tones, bringing in the hues of the natural surroundings, with a glint of gems like golden rutiled quartz, symbolising nest-like strands and eye catching objects of desire.

Much like the magpie, I have spent years hoarding these twinkling, inspiring, semi-precious and precious stones. While the assortment of gemstones continues to grow, I always make it my goal to ensure they are sourced from ethical and sustainable sources.

Wild Quartzes

The first piece that inspired a Collection:


This expressive ‘Seven for a Secret Magpie Locket Necklace’ was the beginning of all my current collections, including the better-known Elegance, IMPACT, Trinkets and now the newly introduced WILD.

Look closely and you will see settings reminiscent of recently designed claw-set rings, smoky stones that have since evolved into earrings and details like keys which now drop down at the back of necklaces, or adorn a simple day-to-day piece from Trinkets.

This necklace tells a story, it symbolises a journey, it is narrative within jewellery and it holds its own secrets within… The central smoky quartz is guarded by seven magpies who are swooping in to deliver treasures, to grasp at branches and to open the locket hidden behind the stone.

Open the locket to reveal or treasure your secret, never told!


What is WILD?


This collection is the very heart of my work, it has inspired all other pieces and pushed me to discover new ideas, explore and source lesser-known gemstones, it has motivated me further with the ethical and sustainable aspects and has encouraged me to keep creating!

WILD is born out of my love for bespoke pieces. I am passionate about working with a gemstone that dictates the final outcome of the jewellery piece, knowing that it can never be replicated because of the unique quality of the gem itself. I want every piece to be as unique as the wearer.

Poetically expressive and adventurous statement art pieces with deep golden and earthy organic hues.

There are design aspects of Elegance, IMPACT and Trinkets which mean the collection pieces will be re-made in a similar form, however WILD is different. WILD is made up of gemstones that will never be re-sourced, it combines rich gold, rose gold and silver in ways that the other collections do not.


WILD is bigger.


WILD is bolder.


WILD is untamed just like nature itself.



Prepare to turn heads with this outstanding one-of-a-kind Pyrite in Slate Fairtrade Gold Wild Nest Ring.  Anything but subtle, this contemporary ring is a real statement piece designed to help exhibit your wilder side.

The stone is incredibly unusual and completely unique as the pyrite within has not been cut or adjusted, leaving it in its stunning free from natural state.  The slate surround has been cut into a deep circular shape framing the golden centre, adding relief and contrast. Eight yellow Fairtrade Gold claws reach up and around the stone, holding it securely in place atop a three tier nest ring shank which has a subtle, glittering textured exterior and smooth high polish interior.

While daring, this ring still maintains an elegant edge with soft lines and warm tones, destined to be a firm favourite as it can be worn casually as well as reserved for those glitzy occasions!


Demonstrate your wild and untamed individuality with this one-of-a-kind Silver & Fairtrade Gold Rutile Quartz Brooch.

The large entrancing quartz radiates with warm strands of golden rutile and feather nest like inclusions otherwise known as angel hair. The contemporary setting incorporates recycled silver edging with cold set riveted 18ct Fairtrade Gold twigs that extend across the quartz cabochon face, intertwining with the golden striations of the stone.

This sizable yet elegant piece can be softened when added to a silky scarf or add edge to a suit for a powerful statement. The secure long double pin brooch fastening on the oxidised back of this brooch allows you to wear this vertically or horizontally on your outfit.


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