The Wedding Ring Collection

I am excited to announce the latest edition of Julia Thompson Jewellery pieces, my Fairtrade Gold Wedding Ring Collection. Designed for truly unique couples who wish to make a difference when saying ‘I Do’.

Comprising of delicate lines, with twig-like designs through to heavier embossed organic rough luxe forms, choose from three distinctive styles of conscious designer rings that offer something more alternative to the standard plain gold band.



Taken from the Elegance Collection, I’ve created a Two Tone Nest Ring comprising of a textured recycled silver and Fairtrade gold band in either 9ct rose or 18ct yellow. These delicate organic wedding rings nest perfectly under most engagement rings, particularly the classic solitaire, and can be purchased as a double or triple nest ring if a higher stacked look is preferred.

These designs can also be tailor-made by re-working and using your own sentimental family heirloom gold to contrast the silver.


For couples who love positive luxury, the Fairtrade Gold & Silver Two Tone Nest Wedding Ring

and Triple Nest Wedding Ring, also available in the same precious metal colour tones, exude an edge of sophistication and timeless elegance.



The second wedding ring design style is perfect for the groom or bride alike who wish to make more of a bold statement with their forever band of love and devotion. Comprising of a heavier weight, broader textured band in recycled silver, this wedding ring takes inspiration from the IMPACT Collection and is edged in contrasting Fairtrade 18ct yellow gold, complete with embossed signature leaves hidden within.

Again, this design can also be tailor-made by re-working and using your own sentimental family heirloom gold to contrast the silver.


Reflecting strength and commitment, the Fairtrade Gold & Silver IMPACT Wedding Ring will always leave you feeling empowered with love.



Hand embossed with my signature leaf motif, these rough luxe organic wedding bands are available in three colours of Fairtrade gold, 18ct yellow, white and 9ct rose. The wider Twin Leaf Wedding Ring hand crafted from 925 recycled silver is the perfect Groom’s ring, ethical and alternative, taking inspiration from the seasonal changes and growth within nature.

If you have your own sentimental heirloom gold that you wish to recycle then I can re-work it into these designs.

Just don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Commit to making a difference with the Fairtrade Gold Leaf Wedding Ring.

The perfect ring with which to say ‘I Do’.


This Wedding Ring Collection along with other new jewellery designs are set to debut at

Elements Festival of Jewellery in Edinburgh at the beginning of November.


Fancy taking a peek at the new designs and discovering how I melt my Fairtrade metals?

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